Covid-19 : Our Response

Under Alert Level 2

You can USE YOUR OWN IdealCup!!!

We super excited to have made it to Alert Level 2.  As Team kiwi have all worked so hard to ensure we could get to this point and we need to continue to keep up  the great work.

And we're even more excited that from 14 May, you can now use your own reusable up at your fave coffee shop.

Cafes now the drill on how to handle reusable cups, to ensure safe and hygienic processes and to assist them to ensure everyone's health and wellbeing, you can make sure you follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your cup is CLEAN, EVERY TIME without exception.  Cafes WILL NOT accept your cup if it's dirty
  2.  Hand over your CLEAN cup and hold on to your lid
  3. When your drink is ready, YOU can place on your own lid
  4. Enjoy your drink, wash well and repeat
  5. And be sure to regularly WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 20 seconds throughout the day


Under Alert Level Three, businesses can once again accept Personal Reusable Cups and operate Cup Swap Schemes, such as our IdealCup CupCycling Programme, as long as food safety risks are closely managed and all service complies with contactless requirements.

Our friends at Takeaway Throwaways ( have put together a comprehensive guide for any hospo outlet wishing to facilitate reusables under Alert Level Three.

Check out the link below:


UPDATE:  18 APRIL 2020

Below is a link to the MPI Frequently Asked Questions for ALERT LEVEL THREE.

As we understand it, under Alert Level Three, Personal Reusable Cups WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to be used.

We will continue to monitor the information provided by MPI and provide you with updates as they come to hand.

To say we're in surreal times is a gross understatement.  There are so many unknowns... the future is unclear.

The carrot has been dangled for Alert Level Three and we wait with baited breath to find out just what that means for our lives in the next few weeks and naturally, we're super keen to have a clear understanding of how we can all return to using our REUSABLE CUPS.

Our fine leader and 'Queen of Reuse' Jacinda Adern is obviously CHOOSING to REUSE as she navigates and leads us through these treacherous times giving us hope for the future of REUSE NOT ONE USE.  Thanks Jacinda for your support... we SALUTE you!

Jacinda Post


The hospitality industry is a natural environment of heightened risk for the spread of any disease.  The reality is, there's more chance of transmission from handling cash and Eftpos cards than personal reusable cups.

The current concerns for some cafe owners is to avoid their staff handling a personal reusable cup that might carry Covid-19.

Our NZ Ministry of Health has specifically discussed personal reusable cups and has NOT banned their use.

Check out the information on the WHO website link below, which answers a massive number of questions, including how long virus's generally live on surfaces:

World Health Organisation’s Q&A about Covid-19

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has released Covid-19 guidelines for cleaning and as you can see, it outlines good, commonsense recommendations.



Cafe owners are already mandated to follow the protocols of the National Food Control Plan, which ensures customers won't get sick when they enjoy your hospitality.

All cafes have to comply with NZ Food Regulations when it comes to sit-in crockery and/or reusable cups and our IdealCups should continue to be managed in the same way - washed in a commercial dishwasher/steriliser.

In terms of handling reusable cups, we believe it's 'business as usual' and there is no immediate cause to change the systems cafes currently operate and you can continue to enjoy the use of your reusable cup at your fave cafe spot.



At some point, if Covid-19 takes hold and there is significant increased risk of transmission, and the hospitality industry is instructed to make operational changes in the way their handle reusable cups (or any of their other food and beverage vessels), we would then likely recommend cafes who are operating cup swap models, like our CupCycling ( to collect used reusable cups separately in a container or drop box away from the main serving counter; to limit risk of transmission.

We would offer cafes support and guidance around how to implement such a system, should it be required.

For now, keep calm and reuse!


We are committed to continued and transparent communication around Covid-19 and its impact on all of us.

We will continue to closely monitor the Ministry of Health and WHO updates and will in turn, provide our customers with any relevant information as it comes to hand.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.  We're here to support you.