What our customers say...

Thanks for the offer of a replacement lid, but it's still doing its job at the moment so I'll keep going with it.. I had a look and I've had it since October last year. They may be guaranteed for a year, but I'm happy to tell you exactly how long they last with 100% Daily use.. I'm talking, it's the Only cup I use full stop at home, markets, in the car.. I love it! I have about 4 coffees a day, iced coffees, hot choc, milk, whatever. 

Because I have indoor cats, I use it to keep their fur out of my drinks.  I don't think you can get a tougher test on these mugs, it's in use 24/7 Literally!
It really Is the best cup I've ever had, it doesn't hold the smell of different flavors too long, and then I only need to wash it with salt to remove any odors. When it needs replacing, I will send it back for recycling.
I love my ideal cup.. thanks Crissy


Thanks so much.  I’m blown away by your very speedy service on this entire process!!

Jasmine - Ruapehu DC

WOW – is about all I can say Fiona to reflect the appreciation at the exemplary service and delivery provided to us after such an ‘issue plagued’ order.

Please convey our thanks to your team and a huge acknowledgment to you and your professionalism Fiona.

This has certainly been a learning experience from our end and key lessons learnt.

On behalf of our Manager Robyn Meehan a huge thank  you and we will definitely recommend you to anyone who requires your product and services.

Nga mihi Elizabeth - Mininstry of Primary Industries (MPI)

Thank you.  We are delighted with the cups!

Temprite will be giving away the cups to our customers who purchase Panasonic product (Heat Pumps mostly).  Some have also been set aside in the staff room for coffee runs.

It has been great to work with you and thanks once again.

Jessica - Temprite

We're so happy to work with you! You have been the most incredible people we have worked with 🙂

Just wait for the constant spam on our instagram once the cups arrive haha. I'm leaving for Europe on boxing day and mine will be coming with me, so I will be posting with it at all the tourist attractions haha!

Brianna - Kaitiaki

Hi Fiona

That is AMAZING and they look AMAZING!  Pleasure working with you guys – perfect timing for us as we are having a function on Friday night to celebrate our 20th anniversary in business. We can show off our new cups!

Best wishes

Juliet - Wilderness Guides

Hi ladies

Yay, I received the cups on Saturday and they look stunning.  So looking forward to getting my photo's done this week, completing my website with an aim to go live by the end of the week.

Thank you for all your help and I look forward to do business with you in the future

Kind regards Tracey - Pawsome Gifts