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Vision and Mission

We’re on a MISSION POSSIBLE to eliminate single-use cups ending up in landfill and with your support, we're one step closer every day.

A key part of our reuse commitment is managing the full life-cycle of every IdealCup, ensuring if it needs to be disposed of, this is dealt with in the most sustainable way.

And that's where you can help us. We ask if your IdealCup or lid should be deemed no longer usable, you return it to where you purchased it, or contact us and we'll collect it at no cost to you.

We return all unusable IdealCups to our manufacturer here in NZ and they grind them down and make them in to new IdealCups. That is PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP. Our MISSION POSSIBLE is our DNA - it's what drives us to continue to make CHANGE for GOOD. Thank you, for CHOOSING to REUSE with IdealCup.

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