Product Stewardship

NOT ALL PLASTIC IS BAD PLASTIC                                   ... it's how we're using it that's the real the problem.

2019 was a transformative year for engagement with plastic.  It's great to see single use plastics fast becoming a thing of the past.

Sadly in such a short time, we've created a world full of single use plastic waste, through mass consumerism and a 'throw away' culture. 

The good news is, we're all now much more aware of the issues we face with single use plastic pollution in our environment and we're making positive change to mitigate the mess!

The problem is though, with all the 'noise' associated with single use plastic, sometimes our perception mean we categorise ALL plastics as BAD plastics, when in fact that's definitely not the case.

As a business who chooses to make our product out of plastic, we are acutely aware of the need to educate consumers around the difference between single use and Lifetime Reusable like our IdealCup.

Lifetime Reusable means just that... you can reuse it for a lifetime!  And because we know we can no longer rely on recycling, we also ensure we manage the end of life of every IdealCup, with effective Product Stewardship.


While every IdealCup™ is designed for a lifetime of reuse, we are realistic enough to know that some product may end up being disposed of. With this in mind we would like you to know about our approach to product stewardship.

We take our product stewardship responsibilities seriously.

Our ethos means from design, manufacture, sale and use, everyone takes responsibility for minimising every IdealCup's environmental impact throughout all the stages of its life cycle.

We have a service level agreement in place with our manufacturer, Synapco Industries, ensuring every facet of their IdealCup production processes are carefully considered and meet our strict sustainability standards. Synapco buy in to this ethos wholeheartedly and we enjoy a very positive relationship with them.

All our customers (wholesale & retail) are sent a Mission Possible Pledge Card, asking for their commitment to follow our Product Stewardship Guidelines and return to us, any IdealCup component which may be deemed at the end of its useful life; so we can manage it accordingly.

We then send back any cup and lid to our manufacturer in Wellington, and it can be ground down and used in the production of new product, ensuring a fully managed, end of life of our products.

Read more about this in our FAQs tab.

What happens if I feel my IdealCup has reached the end of its useful life?

Any IdealCup which is deemed unusable or comes to the end of its useful life, can be put in to some current New Zealand kerbside recycling (not all regions take 4 & 5 plastics for recycling) where it will be taken for standard recycling.

Best of all, it can be returned to us at IdealCup and we will ensure it is sent to Synapco for re-purposing. Synapco has equipment which grinds the product back to its original material form and then it will be re-moulded into new IdealCups.

We request and encourage ALL IdealCup retailers to accept any IdealCup or component thereof, which might be deemed to be at the end of its useful life and return those to IdealCup, for re-purposing by Synapco. This system comes at NO COST to our retailers. They simply agree to be a drop-off point regardless of whether the customer has purchased their IdealCup from them, or another retailer.

Our retailers are happy to support the effective life-cycle management of the IdealCup – in fact it's a very positive talking point for them and their customers.

We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the cup component and a one-year warranty on the lid component. The lid is made of a softer material and depending on usage, cleaning and handling, may not last a lifetime.

Generally speaking, if any of our customers contact us to say they have an issue with their lid and they're happy to send us pics and better yet, return it to us (so Synapco can re-purpose it), we will happily replace the lid at no charge, even if it's outside of its one-year warranty.

We have many many happy IdealCup customers who have been using their cup and lid for 8+ years, without any issue or compromise.