What’s all the noise about ‘nurdles’?


Some of you may have seen the story that Fair Go ran on 13 August (https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/fair-go) about the scourge of small plastic beads called ‘nurdles’ on our beaches. Nurdles are use as the building blocks of plastic cups and containers.

We wanted to reassure everyone who buys an IdealCup that our manufacturer Synapco (who was referred to towards the end of the story) has sound processes in place i.e. drain mesh installed to manage ‘nurdles’ at its site so that they don’t enter the environment. They already have a commitment to environmental care and that is one of the reasons that we choose to partner with them as our manufacturer. As proof that their systems are working, they were recently randomly audited by the council and graded as a low-risk site.

We were proud of Synapco’s response when approached by Fair Go for comment. Synapco said that it already had beach clean ups in place and want to develop a filter device to make clean ups easier. They also said that they believe all companies should help with beach clean up and are keen to provide more education about the issue for their staff. In fact Synapco said that they see this as an opportunity to engage with environmental groups and assist with the clean up, even if it’s not their factory that is causing the problem. They also see the issue being raised as an opportunity to show leadership within their industry and get all industry players working together to solve the problem.

In order to take a tangible step ourselves, I and some of our staff will be attending a scheduled beach clean up at Petone Beach on Saturday, 25 August. We welcome your support if you live in Lower Hutt or Petone and would like to come along and help.

Issues such as this require all our vigilance and you can rest assured that IdealCup only partner with suppliers who take environmental stewardship seriously.

Steph Fry

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