Kia kaha

And Ode to Covid - By Stephanie Fry

A few months ago, in China we heard, people were getting sick

We didn’t know why, the intel was light and the Chinese Government were tight lipped

It then became apparent, that this wasn’t just a flu, it was something more viral and epic

We watched from afar, uncertain at best and with absolutely no clue of a global pandemic

As the sick got sicker and the death rate soared, we all started to wonder

Was this much bigger than we all had thought and would this end up down under

As the weeks went on we started to see, other countries being affected

And the evening news reported every night, the inevitable should be expected

This Coronavirus, a strain never seen, was stopping the world in its tracks

Cruise ships in quarantine, restricted travel and more and more heightened stats

People were succumbing, the old most vulnerable, it really did beggar belief

Was this the new world order, the reality for all... was there going to be any relief?

A few weeks on again and New Zealand was hit, unaware, incoming travellers breached

Covid-19 was here in our small nation and we were just beginning to see its reach

It started off slowly, a few cases here and there – stay calm we will all be okay

And within days it seemed, the situation worsened and the PM was updating us everyday

The borders thank God, were finally closed and no-one was coming into our little nation

But there were plenty of folks still overseas who wanted to get home and into isolation

On the 23rd of March Jacinda announced, we were moving to Alert Level 3

This would see life as we know it, change indefinitely

Within days the government had declared, we are now at Alert Level 4

Full Lock Down, #stayathome, this was our way to fight this war

An invisible enemy, this war would be fought, with us all staying in our homes

But what did that mean, how would we cope, what about our businesses and our loved ones

The Government pledged to support us all and together we would get subsidies to get through this

Its surreal for all to enter lockdown and be bound to our homes and our bubbles

Is an understatement of gross proportions - life as we know it was far from without trouble

Those flouting the rules, going out to parks, surfing and playing touch rugby

Walking with friends, a cuppa with Nana and generally enjoying what the deemed a national holiday

And then our own Health Minister, what a joke, shouldn’t you be leading by example?!

Frustrating as it is, we all have to do, our part to get through this and quickly

It’s going to take weeks, possibly months and if we don’t abide by the rules more will get sickly

Let’s put it in to perspective, this directive we have been given, it’s not the worst burden we could be given

Those before us went to war, facing a bullet was their reality and we should be grateful and forgiving

Today is the 5th of April, it’s Day 9 of Aotearoa’s lock down

What has changed, where are we at, are we seeing an overall slow down?

Cases have grown, that was expected, they would always rise before they fell

And the PM remains optimistic, for the most part, we are doing a great job as well

If we remain vigilant and stick to the rules, isolation will be relaxed in good time

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s still very early days, lock down could be with us for sometime

The economy is hurting, businesses are falling, like soldiers who have gone to war

Everyday we hear about more business victims, in this Covid-19 war

Adrian Orr our Reserve Bank Governer stated, today there is good chance

Economic shock waves would eventually give way, to a vibrant NZ economy, this is our new chant

The reality has sunk in and we all know, we are facing uncertainties and pitfalls

We must take this time to ‘reset’ our thinking and plan for a future, be hopeful

Forever optimistic, a nation of creators, entrepreneurs, so much sheer brilliance

We will rise again, we will shine on the global stage, our small island nation

It’s going to take time, it’s going to be tough and if any country can do it it’s us

Strengthening our domestic economy, supporting each other and supporting NZ made a must

In all this time we’ve been locked down, it’s been so very heartening to see

All of us in our bubbles spending time with families... quality AND quantity

The birds are singing, the mowers are humming, the weed whackers are getting a work out

DYI unfolding, baking and cooking, even knitting needles making a resurgence

As this passage of history is written for us all, there’s a small silver lining

That a global pandemic, no matter how awful, sees New Zealanders uniting

Who knows what lies ahead for all in the next few weeks or months

But one thing I know as a people we’re strong and we will all come through this

Together as one, we will get through and thank you Jacinda for being ours and leading us

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Be Kind

Kia Kaha New Zealand