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The New Zealand Made Award-Winning Reusable Coffee Cup


The IdealCup™ is the very first reusable coffee cup to be designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Did you know ...

  • Plastic is one of the most energy efficient materials for reusable cups
  • When replacing paper cups it takes less than 20 uses to become more efficient than using a single use cup*

*Taking in to account cost of use and the environmental impact of washing ...

( - single use vs reusable - an honest comparison )

The IdealCup™ is designed to reduce waste caused by disposable cups and lids, can be reused over and over, and can currently be recycled in standard recycling at the end of its useful life and better yet, we can return any unwanted IdealCup to our manufacturer who will grind them down and make them in to new product.  Now that's product stewardship in its finest form.

The IdealCup™ is a truly environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable takeaway cup.

The caffeine-loving public in New Zealand goes through at least 200 million disposable cups a year*. Most of the cups end up in landfills.

*(source: Huhtamaki market manager of food service, Jeff Mosen)

Disposable coffee cups are a problem.

Most disposable cups are made from paper with either a plastic or cornstarch lining. Plastic lined cups must go to landfill after one use and the cornstarch lined cups are technically compostable, however due to a lack of commercial facilities in NZ this rarely happens and they end up in landfill.

Disposable lids are also a problem. Most lids are either recyclable plastic or compostable, however once again the facilities are not available for disposal.

The solution is IdealCup™

Ingenious design

The IdealCup™ consists of three separate parts: the cup, the lid outer, and its rotating lid insert.

The cup is manufactured from polypropylene, and the lid and rotating top insert are manufactured from polyethylene. Both these products are durable; FDA approved as food safe, and 100% BPA free.

The IdealCup™ is manufactured in NZ. It could be cheaper to have this done in China, however, we saw this as an opportunity to support New Zealand's economy and local business, and also, most importantly, to retain control and ownership of the tools used to make our product; ensuring the raw materials used are always 100% BPA free and food grade approved.

The IdealCup was specifically designed with built in ‘fins’, to dissipate heat and allow the cup to be held comfortably, whilst also minimising use of raw materials.

Other reusable cups on the market use silicon bands to dissipate heat. Silicon bands are imported from China and are not recyclable in NZ. They are a nasty addition to our already over capacity landfills.

The IdealCup height was designed specifically so the cup would fit under espresso machine group heads and allow easy use for busy baristas.

The IdealCup comes with its own reusable lid which is made from one material only. It offers a simple and functional two-part design (with the lid outer and rotating lid insert) it does not leak or spill and is easily disassembled for recycling at the end of its useful life.

The cup itself can be used with either its own reusable lid or with a disposable recyclable or compostable lid. 

We are the very first and ONLY New Zealand made product which can be used with a single use lid. 

Eliminating waste to landfill

In 2014, we measured figures of REUSE versus ONE USE using an IdealCup™.

We sold 37,205 IdealCup™s in 2014.  The average disposable cup with lid weighs 0.014 kgs.  

If these 37,205 IdealCups were used JUST ONCE, this would save 520.87 kgs of waste going to landfill:  37,205 x 0.014 kg = 520.87 kgs.

If these same IdealCup™s were used every day for a year, it would save 190 tonnes of waste per year going to New Zealand landfill 520.87 kgs x 365 days/year = 190 117 kgs or 190.117 tonnes
This REMARKABLE result shows us just how powerful a SMALL CHANGE to REUSE can be!
And in a perfect world, if we could eliminate ALL these disposable cups and lids (180 million cups each year in New Zealand according to Huhtamakhi) going to landfill, we would prevent 2520 tonnes of waste going to landfill each year - just imagine!  180,000,000 x 0.014 kgs = 2520 tonnes!!!


5 years on and a heck of a lot more IdealCup™s having been sold, we're addressing the ongoing issue of disposable cups going to landfill by offering a viable alternative to disposables and leading the way with new and innovative systems to support the change we need to see NOW!

For the IdealCup™ to be a viable alternative we have to manage the whole life cycle of the IdealCup™ from design to disposal.

The first step was to design a simple, durable, functional cup which could be manufactured in NZ, was safe to use, and ultimately reduced the consumption of raw materials used to manufacture disposable cups and lids.

Once the design was completed we looked at manufacturers for both the tool used to make cups and lids and to manufacture the cups and lids themselves. We looked in China and found the tool could be made for half the price of manufacturing in NZ, however we would have limited control of the process and waste control, so chose do our manufacturing in NZ.

The IdealCup™ has a one year warranty against breakage although we would expect it to last much longer than this. The cup is made from talc-filled polypropylene which is the same plastic material used for car bumpers and inside dishwashers, and the lid and rotating insert are made from polyethylene. Both these materials are strong and durable which means the IdealCup™ is likely to last much longer than the one year warranty we have given it and can be reused over and over for much longer than this!

One of the reasons we choose to manufacture in NZ was our ability to return damaged or mismatched coloured cups and lids to the manufacturer for recycling. The manufacturer grinds the plastic down and reprocesses it. The lifecycle of sustainability in action! We do make new IdealCups from recycled material, although this is not standard practice.

A large part of our marketing campaign is the education of prospective customers. We endeavour to educate potential customers on the use of the IdealCup™ and the benefits of reducing waste. If we did not educate our customers the IdealCup™ could just be a plastic cup with no waste-saving ability.

We sell IdealCups retail with minimum packaging to prevent waste. The IdealCup™ is packaged in a lightweight cardboard box printed with vegetable inks and the box is easily recycled at the end of its life.

IdealCups™ sold to wholesale customers are packaged in large cardboard boxes with internal packing. It is part of the service level agreement we have with our manufacturer that all packaging must be recyclable.

At the end of an IdealCup’s™ useful life it can be either returned to us and returned to the manufacturer for recycling or it can be placed in normal kerbside recycling where it will be collected and go the local recycling centre for processing.

Change your daily coffee drinking habit & choose to reuse

All IdealCups™ are:

  • Designed and made in New Zealand
  • 100% New Zealand owned
  • Designed to reduce disposable cup waste going to landfill!
  • Designed be reused for a lifetime
  • 100% BPA FREE & Non-Toxic
  • Can be ground down & made into new cups & lids
  • Unique in design and style
  • Safe to use with no leaks or spills
  • 12 oz in size & 100% barista-friendly