The IDEAL New Zealand Made, Award-Winning, Lifetime Reusable Coffee Cup


The IdealCup™ is the very first reusable coffee cup to be designed and made right here in Aotearoa.

Did you know ...

  • Plastic is one of the most energy efficient materials for reusable cups
  • When replacing paper cups it takes less than 20 uses to become more efficient than using a single use cup*

*Taking in to account cost of use and the environmental impact of washing ...

(source:Terngoods.com - single use vs reusable - an honest comparison )

The IdealCup™ is designed to reduce waste caused by single use cups and lids, can be reused over and over and as a number 5 plastic, can be recycled in most councils standard curbside recycling at the end of its useful life.

Better yet, any IdealCups which are deemed at the end of their useful life, can be returned to our manufacturer, who will grind them down and make them in to new product. That's our commitment to NZ made and product stewardship.

The IdealCup™ is a truly environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable takeaway cup.

The caffeine-loving public in New Zealand goes through at least 200 million disposable cups a year*. Most of the cups end up in landfills.

*(source: Huhtamaki market manager of food service, Jeff Mosen)

Disposable coffee cups are a problem.

Most disposable cups are made from paper with either a plastic or cornstarch lining. Plastic lined cups must go to landfill after one use and the cornstarch lined cups are technically compostable, however due to a lack of commercial facilities in NZ this rarely happens and they end up in landfill.

Disposable lids are also a problem. Most lids are either recyclable plastic or compostable, however once again the facilities are not available for disposal.

The SOLUTION is IdealCup™

Change your daily coffee drinking habit & choose to reuse

All IdealCups™ are:

  • Designed and made in New Zealand
  • 100% New Zealand owned
  • Designed to reduce disposable cup waste going to landfill!
  • Designed be reused for a lifetime
  • 100% BPA FREE & Non-Toxic
  • Can be ground down & made into new cups & lids
  • Unique in design and style
  • Safe to use with no leaks or spills
  • 12 oz in size & 100% barista-friendly